Why us?

Since 2004, we have been offering occupational health and safety consulting services and also human resources consulting services, at the highest standards, thus becoming one of the most important companies in the field.


best experts in the field


over 10 years of experience


statewide services


fast and accurate information


reliability and competence


best value services

Outsourcing of OSH and HR services
is the natural choice.

Superior Quality

  • The assurance that the services will be provided by people with decades of experience in the field;
  • Permanent compliance with the legislation in force;

Cost reduction

  • Gain internal resources available for other purposes;
  • Effective cost reduction regarding these services;
  • Operational cost control;
  • Staff training cost reduction;

Superior Quality

  • Benefit from complete, specialized and professional solutions;
  • Speed in solving situations;
  • Risk reduction;
  • Benefit from specialized assistance during inspections;

Over 150 satisfied customers

... the employees belonging to this company are well trained, experienced and at the same time polite and reliable ...

... due to its employees’ professionalism, it always offers its full support in choosing the best solutions ...

... we chose to work with AC&CA Consulting Services due to the availability, flexibility and outstanding quality of the services they provide, as evidenced by the long-term collaboration and the high level of professional fulfillment ...

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